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Text Live


Type a text message on your cell phone, at your party, and it will appear on our Flat Screens or Large Video Screen for all the guests to see.

Text messaging will make your event more fun, inter-active and memorable! It can be used for chatting, SMS voting, special requests, Trivia questions, etc. It will get your guests involved and make your party extra special.

Your guests can toast the guest of honor by sending a text message onto the video screens. The crowd is dancing, the live simulcast is playing on the screens, and the messages scroll across like a stock ticker.

Our MC can also engage the guests by asking trivia questions and voting on the screens: Who is the best dancer? Who is the cutest couple? etc. Guests can even send text requests to the DJ, to request songs and videos.

You can even have friends and family who are not at your event send messages which will appear on screen.

Call us for more information.

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